Saturday, April 29, 2006

school suuuuuuuucks

like no one knew that before.

and you'll never gues where I am.




you know what's kind of creepy? I was talking on grace's sn and jack knew it was me. HE KNEW. whoaaaaa creepy, eh. and I was like being as gay as grace usually is.

okay. so. hi grace. your phone is ringing. I can't believe you can still wear gapkids clothing. we are totally not getting any calculus studying done and it will be very embarrassing if we get a 3. or something catastrophically bad like that.

OMG FRENCH IS SO HARD. I WISH WE WERE STILL IN FRENCH I. or somewhere where we didn't have to take ap exams. at times like this, I really wish we had gone to tams instead of being here.

hey chuan, you should totally take the dart to southwestern. I can even give you the stop you can get off at and what buses you can take there. it is like a very efficient way to go, yo.

mm mockingbird station EVERY DAY. whoa. totally cool. with louisa, too.


I want to go shopping. I always want to go shopping.

didy totally needs to get whatever's up her ass out of there.

grace's computer is like dreadfully slow. like the dread scott decision. see, I'm studying.

okay now grace has started working, which she like never does, so maybe I should, too.

yeah we should definitely not room together.


Blogger Chuan said...

hehe yeah, halfway through french 3 i realized that french was no longer gonna be the cakewalk i was used to =|

hmm i was thinking of doing so, but jeff (l) told me that apparently the fun/novelty of the dart wears off after a while =| that and my mom was talking about getting a former of colleague of hers or something and carpooling with them? but honestly i'd rather take the dart, <3 public transportation (=

ahh summer research... can't think about that now yet

all this didy drama is really scaring the crap out of me 0_o, and it's times like these that make me glad that i'm distanced from all of this. arun, however... i wonder...

ahh roommates, i could go on a giant rant on roommates (not that i have much trouble with mine), but not today (=

12:45 AM  

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