Monday, April 14, 2008

i love my big

Stephanie: hey dude
my back is killing me
me: hey dude guess what
Stephanie: wha
me: scientists have found stem cells in menstrual blood
Stephanie: whoaaaaaaaaa
me: stephanie i think you probably got too hyphy at that party
Stephanie: omg we had the weirdest discussion about periods in my class last wk
no, i got too crunk
my prof was born in zimbabwe but she moved here, and her mom kept making her wash her underwear separately when she got her periods
so, she had to wash them everyday (since they do that in zimbabwe i guess)
me: wow...
i guess tthey didn't have tampons or pads...
Stephanie: until her dad found out and was like "i shit in my pants and put them in teh washer with everyone else's stuff...just let her wash her stuff too!"
me: EW gross
Stephanie: i KNOW
but it was hysterical!
me: hahahahaha
Stephanie: btwubs, esther wants me to get you the feminal
me: i can't stop laughing at how disgusting that is
Stephanie: hahaha
me: why would i need a feminal
are we going on a road trip
Stephanie: i sent me the link
it's for when you're in class....
haha, she says she'll make everyone in the fam chip in
me: lol...yeah that's not awkward at all
Stephanie: we're so gross
me: hahahaha
yeah i don't know about class
but when i have to go on the road
Stephanie: lab?
me: ooh
yeah the men's room is like right across from me
Stephanie: feminal > urinal
me: but the women's room is way far away
Stephanie: exactly!
have you had dinner yet?
me: yeah
Stephanie: want to come to the stud later? i'll buy you ice cream
or a fruit salad


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