Monday, November 13, 2006

until midnight

I have five minutes to midnight (according to my watch). I will take these five minutes to write a post, after which I will go take a much-needed shower and work on my sts essays, which I have yet to start and need to finish before 6pm monday.

So my hair is a lot longer than I thought it was. I think about a month ago suddenly people started telling me my hair was long, and it was a pretty sudden onslaught. It was very dramatic. It wasn't just a few people here and there; it was a lot of people here and lot of people there. So I wonder. Do people subconsciously have a standard for long? Probably. Wow. Question and answer.

Instead of sleeping at nine last night, I reached up above my head and randomly grabbed a book. Usually I have pretty boring stuff stuffed in my bedstand (aka Jackie's beach books from a few years ago) for times when I would like to get to sleep quicker than it would otherwise have taken me, but yesterday I grabbed New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. Also from Jackie, btw. So I started reading and finished the book at two. I've reconnected to my love for vampire romances. Sigh. My favorite vampire book is probably still Sunshine. Even without the totally awesome title. =)

Now I will go shower and do what I should have done yesterday. Or actually, Friday evening.


Blogger Chuan said...

congrats on your shower if you actually managed to pull it off =P

hmm long hair. i think you're just thinking that it's weird because you used to have nigh-absurdly long hair

did they talk about it as much then?

bah, too lazy to type out my full train of thought, but the moral of the story is:

people are fickle -__-

9:51 AM  

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