Sunday, September 09, 2007

Freshman 15

I am well on my way to the freshman 15, I feel about 10 pounds heavier than before I came. Damn all this free food!

I'm not doing so well on this 20 laps per day resolution but feel somewhat justified in slacking off since I'm still sick.

So laundry today was a futile effort. After carrying 50 pounds of clothes (and two towels) down four flights of stairs because the East Wing elevator was out, I had to load up two washing machines in the sweltering heat of the basement laundry room. Sweat was literally dripping off my face. Climb back up to fourth floor. Forty minutes later, climb back down, suffer the heat again to move clothes from washing machines to dryers 9 and 11. However, when I activated them, dryers 8 and 10 started moving. So I had to move the clothes yet again. Must ask upperclassmen how the numbering works...Anyway, when that was finished, I loaded up my laundry baskets with the clothes, still a bit damp, and hauled them up to my room on my poor shoulders. Before I could get a fifth of them folded, the wrinkles had already set in, even though I skipped underwear. POOP. I will never wait three weeks to wash my clothes again.

Here's what I plan to do tomorrow:
11:30 Wake up, get dressed
12:00 Go to Target
14:00 Go to House Meeting
16:00 Start reading or do one of the four p-sets I have due next week
19:00 AXO Meeting
21:00 Tool some more


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