Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So Friday, I had a sore throat.

Saturday, I lost my voice.

Sunday, I developed a cough.

Monday, my nose started running. I went to MIT Medical, and after over an hour of waiting, Dr. Ray (name has been changed to protect identity) told me it was just a virus, to sleep and drink water, and that it'd be over in 2 or 3 days. He also was going to give me a certain kind of cough drop, so I waited around another 10-15 minutes. When he came back, he said they were out but wrote the name on a piece of paper: Cepacol lausages. SERIOUSLY, like sausages with an l. Would you trust a doctor that can't spell "lozenges?"

Today is Tuesday. I can barely breathe or talk, and my nose is raw from the 100+ tissues I've used on it. The water supply I thought would last me at least a month is half gone, as well as all the free water I've picked up at random Orientation events.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. My first class starts at 10, and I will most definitely keep whispering (instead of talking), coughing, and blowing my nose. I barely even remember what my voice sounds like =(

Somehow, I still like it here. Maybe that will change in a week...but mainly I just hate being sick.


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