Thursday, August 30, 2007

Halfway Home

Yeah so my room is still super messy and I'm only halfway set up, but I took pictures of it anyway! I'll straighten it up by the end of the week. This is a slightly mysterious looking view; I turned on the flash for the rest of them.

Oh yeah, I signed up for classes today, eek! 18.02 Calculus, 3.091 Intro to Solid-State Chem, 7.012 Introductory Biology, and 8.01 Physics. I heard from some that four technical classes is crazy, and a good idea from others because of Pass/No Record. I'm just worried about having Chem and Bio back-to-back, even for the final, but we'll see. People have been trying to convince me to do 18.022, but I think I'd better test the waters first. My adviser said I could change during the first week anyway.

Here's my unkempt hovel!

The closet, or the "Elephant," as I believe they call it here.

My African Pearl from the Terrascope exhibit...I think I might name it Arnold or Mufasa, it's a toss-up right now.

My bookshelf with a ton of food on top, if you open the door you can see Karishma's room all the way down the hall, the bathroom about 5 steps away, and the kitchen about 3 steps to the right.

My desk/window/bed; the colorful thing was a poster from the Academic Expo. You can also see the very edge of my Target modular navy blue foam floor-covering thing which I love love love.

Target lamp: $40. Hawaiian Breeze Desk Fan: $10. Ikea curtains: $5.00. Riverview: a heartfelt plea on my housing application. There are some things money can buy. For other things, there's begging, which my dog knows quite well.



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