Monday, August 27, 2007

MIT's the place to be!

So basically, I love it.

FLP was an incredible experience, and we are such a cult now with our games and chants. GO BANANAS!!! I can't really describe it all - it was mostly discussions, games, and such, but then again, it was so much more! Words are unworthy for the emotions and bonds it engendered. Actually, in the whole MIT crowd, we're sort of crazy and obnoxious but umm...yeah. Also, I got sunburned for the very first time evar =( My nose was all red and peeling. I always thought I was impervious! Now I know better.

Anyway, after we got back and parted ways, my parents and I took a taxi to Target and bought some food, a fan, a lamp, shampoo/conditioner, laundry hamper, Clorox wipes, and a memory foam mattress topper. The last one was definitely a great investment - it made for the best night's sleep I've had in a week. After they left, I was supposed to set up my lamp, get my internet working, put the sheets on my bed, etc., but I went to return some shoes.** On the way, I met some FLP folk, who lured me to the party at the Student Center. A lot of us FLPers ended up at there that night, so it was mighty fun. It's so great to be able to go anywhere and have someone who's ready to give you a hug and accept you. For most people, that's pretty much true anywhere, anytime, but especially at the beginning of college when you're fresh and eager to find friends, you want to fit in somewhere. I just have to remember to keep myself open to others and not let my mind become limited by what it already has.

My room is amazing, 4th floor east tower with a gorgeous riverview. I can always see people running by the bridge, and yesterday I even saw a family of ducks (or geese?). The only thing is, my room is pretty warm right now even with my fan, but if I open the window, I won't be able to sleep with all the cars passing by on Memorial Drive. It's okay though, I expect it'll cool down soon enough! I took pictures of my single, but that was before I moved the desk and the bed around, so I'll post pictures of it afterwards.

Yesterday, Orientation officially started so I went to the Convocation, our Dorm Brunch, and then basically started setting up my room. I'm glad I'm in McCormick, so I don't have to think about changing buildings or rooms. After Dorm Dinner, I went to the Orientation Kickoff (they had a really good R. Kelly tribute) and met up with Eric. When it was over, we decided to go to a party, but West Side party hadn't started yet. We walked over the East Campus, where it's soooo crazy. I can't believe they built all that in a week! They also had this laser graffiti thing, I don't even know how that worked. Maybe there was some kind of screen on the side of the building? Anyway, it was psychedelic. Walked over to Stata to check out Jazz Night, then the Marriott where my parents were staying. The rooms are soooo nice. I got like 9 hours of sleep on fluffy sheets, and now I'm back here in my room! I saw the admissions office while walking down the Infinite, as well as loads of people going to take their Math Diagnostic on my way back. Mine is tomorrow - I hope I haven't forgotten everything!

**Story: the night (read 11:30 pm) before we left for FLP, I realized that I'd packed my sports shoes into one of the suitcases that my parents were bringing and we needed them for the island! I totally freaked out and started frantically trying to find out where I could buy some or borrow some. I emailed my entire dorm, and my CPW host/Plano friend emailed Kappa Alpha Theta for me. I got up early anyway so I'd have time to go to Target if need be. I was so delightfully surprised when I got a whopping 6 offers in the morning before 7! This was when there was barely anyone on campus, too! I love people.


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