Thursday, August 30, 2007


OMG. Chair racing was so ridiculous and fun.

FIRST...Okay this wasn't going to be first, but it just happened. So I'm sitting by my open window and this silent group of people walks by along the river. Suddenly, one guy is like "DUDE, LET'S GO TO SPAIN!" and the rest of them are all like "YEAH!!! Let's go to Spain!!" Lollerskates.

B (the original first), to do the continue reading thing, write <> before and after the hidden part. The first time, before the link, put: span class = "fullpost" in between them, and the second time, put /span to end it.

TRIANGLE, some people here call water fountains "water bubblers."

FOURTH (and nineteen hundredths), I can't believe I paid over 4 bucks for a freaking pair of scissors from LaVerde's. I'm gonna try to go to Target as much as possible, but I heard that the next group going is a Catholic group, and I don't even know how to say Hail Mary stuff. =( I guess they wouldn't kick me off or anything, but it'd be like O HAI i'm in ur bus, usin' u 2 get 2 target.

So last night, I went to the Boston T Party briefly at Stata; it wasn't that great but I got a free t-shirt, 2 movie posters, and some food. (Eric got strawberry-flavored lube and a condom, but I passed on those.) Then we chilled at Simmons for a while before this random upperclassman, Erik, randomly invited us for some ice cream. We (me, Eric, Jillian, and Michael) were all just like, "Okay," and we ended up walking down the Infinite and all around the buildings until we found this random classroom. Then we had ice cream. Did I mention it was all really random?

After that was the chair racing. Basically, we were underneath building number 66, I think, and there was a long ramp in the tunnel. We had a bunch of Athena cluster rolling chairs, and people just went down the ramp. The thing was, at the end of the ramp was a corner, so we were mostly watching people get owned by it. I remember people doing loads of scary stuff, like Superman style, or this one kid standing on two chairs at the same time, or hearing "You're a freakin' idiot!" I totally held out until the very end, when I caved in under peer pressure - plus it did look really fun. I saw this other girl do it before me, and she slowed down by braking with her sneakers a bit. However, when I tried to do the same, my flip-flops were not quite up to the task. Needless to say, I just went faster and faster and the whole time I was like OMGOMGOMG and then I couldn't get into the right position quickly enough to kick off the corner wall so I slammed into it (cue chorus of OHs from the spectators). Then I fell off the chair, skidded a couple feet, and got bruises on my hip, hand, elbow, knee, etc., but it's okay. Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever!

We all left for the sodium drop, but then it got postponed to Thursday because there was construction on Longfellow, apparently. (I just found a video of last year's - I like how the cameraman says "Oh shit, let's get the fuck out of here," and hangs around for the rest of it.) There was a pretty cool fire show at East Campus though - one of my counselors from FLP was in it!

Today...basically I woke up late -_- I planned on going to Core Blitz at 1:30, but I ended up sleeping until 2. I caught the end of it, then went to the Academic Expo where I picked up more free stuff. After a great dinner with my adviser, our dorm had a scavenger hunt instead of in-house rush. Tracy, Melissa, and I totally went crazy and ran around like maniacs, but it paid off because we won. No prize, just pride. Following our victory, there was a little Taste of Cambridge thing, then a Yoga and Fondue thing. I did the yoga, skipped the fondue, went swimming, came back and chatted, nabbed a load of graham crackers and milk, helped Joanne move her stuff out of storage, and now I am so going to bed. I'm going to have my Freshman 15 by the end of Orientation from all this free food - I'm probably halfway there already!

/*Edit: we never changed to Boston time, did we? I'm gonna do it now.*/


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