Friday, September 07, 2007

First Week

The first week of classes is finally over!

I finally somewhat got my voice back today, but my nose is still running all over the place. My cough also sounds pretty bad, but it actually feels better than before.

I accepted a bid from Alpha Chi Omega, which is pretty exciting!!! I was torn between them and Kappa Alpha Theta, but I had to pick one so I did! The girls in A-Chi-O are amazingly incredible, so I hope to learn and grow a lot from being around them. I was also really glad to hear that, unlike fraternities (a few of which don't really like each other), all the sororities get along really well. A lot of the girls I talked to said that they had good friends in other sororities, so it'll all be cool.

As for classes...I have 3 giant lectures and one smaller lecture. We have the renowned Eric Lander for 7.012 Bio, the infamous Donald Sadoway for 3.091 Solid-State Chem, and for 18.02 Multi-Variable Calc, Denis Auroux, speed-eraser/inspiration for love (totally saw both of these on Matt McGann's blog, omg the second video is soooo cute I've watched it like 15 times). I definitely watched him erase the board quickly and say "trajectory" and "zero" today. Actually, once he pressed the button for both upper boards to come down and didn't finish erasing the middle board before the topmost board came down, and all the kids who'd heard of his legendary erasing skills were like "ooooh" while the girl next to me was like "What, did they think it would chop off his hand?" In the smaller lecture, we have TEAL. Yay...

I accidentally skipped the very first 18.02 recitation, but I think it will be okay. I emailed my recitation instructor, got the p-set from the website, etc. I already feel so behind though! Yesterday I went over to Baker for a bit, and people were doing work!! I was like, ahhhh should I be doing work too? I've still got to buy a printer, clean my room and look for a job. Good thing I'm getting better, or else I don't know how I would handle everything.

I need to turn on my fan.


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