Monday, December 01, 2008


i miss my freshman year grades. i owned those girs.

=( this year classes are owning me. i need self-discipline!!!

i don't wanna workkkkkk

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i don't know what i want

well i know some things i want
-to understand 5.12
-to just curl up in my bed with a book or a movie on my laptop and snuggle in the covers

but i don't know what i want
i want to not have to make hard choices, i want to know what my passion is, i want to know that my life is going somewhere.

i felt like i was forced to make a choice, so i chose. i don't think it was the wrong choice, but i didn't like having a sort of ultimatum, no matter how subtly it was put...but at least there was closure.

what's done is done.

i really need time to recharge in general, but i know i'm not going to get it until after finals.

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Friday, November 21, 2008


why am i sick again =( good thing it's almost gone, i think

so i have a problem. it's called procrastination. and it's eating away at my precious sleep time!!! cry cry cry. but i get soooo easily distracted.

on an unrelated note, i feel so out of shape compared to how i was over the summer...i haven't worked out at all since freaking beginning of september. so i'm going to do that over iap but that's what i say for every break and then it doesn't happen. this time it will as i have summoned a new energy. also need to ask linden for openings at the psc. i want to work on campus but nothing where i really have to think like a urop.

i bought a shirt on shirt.woot. SO BAD. oh yeah my other problem is a lack of self-control. actually i think that encompasses procrastination. also it is the reason i have not worked out. anyway hopefully i won't be buying stuff off there all the time...but usually the stuff on there is not that appealing anyway.

i was doing suuuch a good job not buying stuff off the internet this semester...

i feel like i've changed a lot. i think when i stop thinking previous posts are lame (not previous to this one necessarily, but in general...i know what i mean) is when i've stopped changing so much

i should be doing my lab report.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008


i hate being sick! and i have that stupid 1200-word french essay + 3 freaking tests next week.

i think i only write in here when i'm unhappy bc when i'm content there's nothing to complain about lol

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

i'm so tired

okay so i've been getting an average of like 5 hours of sleep a night for the past two weeks and i'm really sleep-deprived.

yesterday i didn't finish my homework due today because i was too tired at 5am.

i think i want people to think that i'm okay because i don't want pity, but i'm tired of trying to be strong all the time. when am i going to find someone i can be vulnerable around? i love my friends and my big but sometimes i just want to be taken care of.

so basically i need people. at the same time, i hate depending on people because i feel like they let me down a lot...

i feel naked and emo now.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

junot diaz

today!! =O i went to the junot diaz discussion and saw jkiberd was there and he was like really funny and nice. and then he was like aww i have to go now for a meet and greet but you all should come to the r&d pub! so i went to the r&d pub for the first time, it was pretty cool but awkward since everyone was old. but then we left the 21 and over place and got some hors-d'oeuvres and i got my book signed! so one of the hor-d'oeuvres was imitation crab on a slice of cucumber. so i was talking to julia and a piece of crab fell on the floor and i went to go pick it up and he was like "aw no honey, don't do that!" and gave me a napkin. awwwww! it was also embarrassing. anyway after that i went to the book reading. when i read the tech last year, his responses made him sound like a jerk but on the colbert report and today he seemed pretty cool

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

the whole damn summer

is almost over, cry ='( i can't wait for the rush of running around during orientation though. or seeing everyone come back, getting a new routine for the year, meeting new people, ringcomm!!! (which i am sort of apprehensive about, there are a few people that i'm worried i won't really get along with. well not get along, i pretty much get along with everyone but only because i keep my mean/sarcastic thoughts bottled up and secretly feel resentful), my new room, my new job, more boston adventures...ahhh!!!! so excited.

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