Tuesday, August 28, 2007

crank dat soulja boy

Watch me crank it watch me roll. Lolgangsta.

So the weather here in Boston is actually splendid to the maxxx right now!!! It's warmer than I expected really, even sometimes a little too much so. I'm sitting in my room with the door open (my tower's pretty quiet though, I've barely seen anyone), as well as the window. My Ikea LILL curtains flutter rather prettily in the breeze, and the music of passing cars floats up to my window. Ahahaha actually, I hate the cars, but that's okay.

Another pleasant surprise for me was that there are actually some really attractive guys here. Not that I thought they would be fugly or that I was planning on checking them out, but seriously, I wouldn't have thought that it'd be better than Plano. Most people are so normal, too! I can't wait for the year to start. Actually, my outlook might turn a little more dismal after I have 4 problems sets to do per week.

Today, I went to take the Math Diagnostic after less than 3 hours of sleep. It was still cool though, the diagnostic was pretty much as easy as the provided practice modules, only half of which I took advantage. I actually took the test in the very same room I started out in, 9 hours prior, for the Orange tour. It was pretty interesting, even though I couldn't hear a lot of the stories that the Jack Floreys were telling on the way to Baker since they had to whisper. The best part was definitely when we were in the Tomb of the Unknown Tool, and after squeezing in between these two guys by the wall, I managed to scribble my name on the wall behind my back with the keychain Sharpie I got from Course 20 (Biological Engineering, which is what I'm currently planning on doing) at the Academic Expo during CPW. HEHE.

Diagnostic over, I came back to McCormick and discovered some really good free food at the Women's Orientation. After stuffing my face and excusing myself hastily, I passed out on my bed for a couple of hours. Then I went downstairs, played the grand in the living room for a bit, did another 500 yards in the pool (hopefully I can make this a daily routine!), and now I'm back! I noticed on the way back from the Z-center a lot of yummy-smelling food in front of Kresge, and my Hitchhiker's Guide says the free food starts at six. Yay!


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