Tuesday, June 27, 2006


that's supposed to be the stars and stripes forever, but I don't think anyone can particularly tell.

so I'm being bored right now, which is nothing new to me. I also have the stars and stripes forever stuck in my head, which is rather new to me. (wouldn't it be embarrassing if it weren't actually called the stars and stripes forever? anyway that march by sousa.)

so I had planned on going to the yale information session on sunday, but it completely slipped from my mind, which means I probably was not very serious about it anyway. (I wasn't.) so louisa was telling me about it, and she said that there was really no point to going since she knew everything already anyway, but that's probably because she's already memorized the yale website. talking to her always makes me feel like such a slacker.

I should really stop reading such nonsense books and get my summer reading done. or even start on it. or even buy a copy of crime and punishment.

and somehow get my bcis credit out of the way, because it would be terribly sad if I couldn't graduate come may because of bcis.

but I went to the library last night and got a copy of twilight. I'm excited. =)