Friday, June 30, 2006


holy moly i have been so busy this last week. not nearly as busy as school, but still. go to work, come home, sleep for 4 or 5 hours, read/computer, try to fall asleep until i have to get up again. anyhow...i have resolved to keep 60-65% of my paycheck as an EMERGENCY FUND! and the rest for shopping/food/other stuff. hehe. except maybe i should save some more since i might need it for austin.

which brings us to....HONORS COLLOQUIUM! hehheeh i'm so excited =DDDDD i hope it is tons tons tons of fun ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

and i've been reading the wrong translation of C&P. but i was planning to reread it anyhow before the "evaluation" so it's ok. plus, how different could it be?

i'm seriously getting fat at work...the "vacation fairy" left us ice cream bars and lollipops. and i indulged in several ice cream sandwiches. plus, we were treated to 15 boxes of pizza. i only took 3 pieces of supreme, but they were sooooo good. <3 and then today we had mini blueberry muffins and donuts. and now my cholesterol is like 239 which is in the borderline high risk zone. and high risk is 240+. so...i should do something about that.

sunshine, i have to give you your biology sat ii book back. and i am just so...not motivated to do your yearbook! i was motivated that first day i got it, but then it wore off after i couldn't figure out the flower -_- but it will eventually happen.

and today i think i am volunteering at quad c.


Blogger y said...

Howdy from the future... it is 7:08, July 1st. I hope you're satisfied.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

dammit what's this honors colloquium thing people are talking about? )=


foood )))))=

6:04 PM  

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