Wednesday, June 21, 2006


so, the mavs lost the championship to the heat. wait, i mean, to dwyane wade. and life goes on sucking.

yeah, that day i met the doctor, he told me if i'm going into the medical profession, i should go all the way and be a doctor, and not stop halfway and just do research, unless i really love research. which i don't.

and yeah, i heard about burnside last semester and looked her up in the yearbook (as i recall, she wasn't on the staff list but was in the group photos). she looked pretty nice, i guess. all i heard about bearden was he likes sports and can sometimes be pretty harsh.

i am not that sick of plano or the school that much...but i am sick of my house.

oh and i couldn't ask again today, because my mom got pissed off again. i went out biking and i was going to be back in like 15 minutes, so i left the back door unlocked, and she totally flipped out when she got home. -__- i know that other people definitely leave their back doors unlocked 24/7 and nothing's happened to them. and the people in canada leave their front doors unlocked all the time, too, for heaven's sake! =( the chances of me going to six flags = slim.


Blogger Chuan said...

my mom's advice to me: get a md/phd and be both a doctor AND a research that gets the big bucks -__-

hale. no.

8:41 AM  

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