Sunday, June 11, 2006

stop moping around

is what I need to do. mentally, I mean. and I guess physically. though I've been walking a lot more than I usually do. well actually that's questionable. we spend a lot of time walking around plano.

so I am pretty excited. not really all that excited, but it is a step of the whole stop moping around process. I am excited about having something to do tomorrow.

too bad I won't be going to feeseeks camp. oh well. who wants to go through two weeks of feeseeks in the summer anyway, right. I mean, we'll have a whole year of it next year. fun stuff. I can't wait. the anticipation is getting to me. I better have a good class. my class was painful this year.

lets see what happened this last week.

smu. that lab smells so horrible.

woke up at 11, ate, got glasses, came home, internet, called yini, sleep, yini called, mall, old navy, home, internet, sleep

woke up at 11, ate, slept, gap, costco, internet.

my days are all super duper exciting, can't you tell?

oh but NEXT SATURDAY. or actually. THIS SATURDAY. will be super duper fun!

yini, do you want to come with me and grace to little gus cafe in the morning? hehe I love little gus cafe! then movie (?) then lunch then pictionary and taboo until late late late.