Wednesday, June 14, 2006


i have not written any essays or visited any colleges or looked at crime and punishment. haha.

but...i am currently watching It Started With a Kiss on youtube. SO CUTE! <333

camp is fun! but of course, who would want to go to feeseeks camp right. but still, =))) those genecons are really cool. however, our physics teacher from indiana has allegedly been teaching physics for 37 years but reeeeally seems like she knows nothing.

went to the hospital again today...had my first brussels sprouts ever. i didn't even know what they were. another eventless day. except i helped feed this baby with a cleft lip/palate =( it was so sad to see! and there were these twin girls, laotian/cambodian i think, who were sleeping, and holding hands! how cuteeeeee

ok i would write more, but i want to watch more of iswak


Blogger y said...

well at least SOMEBODY is allowing comments >( so i'm going to make this a VERY THOROUGH COMMENT! ahaha take that.

1. me neither. =D

2. i hear it's sad

3. seriously she is completely clueless. keeps changing her mind halfway through the directions, never knows what's going on, uses the fact that she a blonde female physicist to justify her "knowlege" in the subject. GRAR.

4. anyways i'm always scared when i see those pictures of babies with cleft lips in magazines.

5. i'd write more but it's against my nature to write long comments. =) this was just an exception; see first paragraph

10:51 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

1. you're supposed to VISIT colleges? 0_o

2. i looked it up... looks cheesy (=

3. wait... how does blonde female anything justify... anything? -__-

12:16 AM  
Blogger y said...

3. you know, "don't let guys naysay you out of following your dreams! look at me, i'm even blonde, and if a blonde can do physics..."

basically that was the implication

7:23 PM  

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