Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mornings are miserable

man, I get up every morning at seven and I'm half-asleep until lunchtime. I sleep on the car, I sleep on the dart, I sleep on the mustang express, I sleep at the lab until someone wakes me up and tells me to do something.

and now I'm trying really really hard not to sleep because the professor is downstairs and I shouldn't always be sleeping when she's in the lab.

not that being on the computer is any better than sleeping, I think. hmm there are still cookies behind me... I want to eat one. maybe the chocolate will get my blood sugar up and I'll stop feeling so sleepy.

I like my blood exactly where it is... in my body!

I'm not sure if I have to come to smu next week. probably. I might not even get independence day off. =( but I will ask. because my mom gets monday and tuesday off! and my brother has an orthodontics appointment on wednesday (haha braces tightened!) so I might have to stay home that day to take him places.

mm I don't even remember what rain smells like....


man I read about the harry potter thing in so many places and when I went to eat pho yesterday the interview segment was playing on tv and it was just wow, harry potter is this big of big news? or maybe there's just nothing going on in the world besides the copious amounts of rain on the east coast. and the complete lack of it here.

okay I give up. back to sleep for me. the professor just left anyway.

oh yeah. have fun in china, yini!


Blogger y said...

mornings are miserable = alliteration!


12:26 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

ok so this harry potter thing is news to me, but wow 0_o


i'm turning into some kind of lame retard 'cause when i read that you were in front of the computer and that there were cookies behind you, the first thing i could think of was "well there're cookies in front of you, too"


sleep early (=

9:11 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

mmmm cookies. i ate cookies today from the hospital...they're actually rather good

12:00 AM  

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