Monday, June 26, 2006



okay so nothing interesting happened to me at all since I last updated, except that my wardrobe has once again grown. actually it technically shrunk since my dad took a lot of my middle school clothes (aka all my navy, white, black, grey, etc. shirts) away to china. but wardrobe additions are always interesting to me.

then I stayed up too late many nights. one night I was looking at prime pages and apcentral (I remember this clearly because grace was telling me I had absolutely no life, which is saying something because she spends every free moment watching dramas). then yesterday I stayed up far too late reading a beach book. the sky was turning light by the time I went to sleep (I didn't even finish the book, how sad).

hmm and then I went to a dinner party today... the guy passed the last of his board exams. (I have no idea which board it is.)

hmm... yup that is absolutely everything of interest that has happened to me.

comments for once.

yini, you will be able to check your email in china, correct?


Blogger Chuan said...

oh how we'll be longing for these carefree and boring times when we hit crunch time...

be glad that at least somehow you find the motivation to read books... how i long to read books -__-

9:13 AM  
Blogger y said...


and i have internet again! woooooho.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

and even moments during which i am not supposed to be free =D

10:13 PM  

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