Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Ok so this morning, I woke up way too early, took a shower, and then went to the hospital!

first i went down to engineering where they gave me a badge. which meant i had to take a picture. ugh terrible picture b/c i had a ponytail per volunteer regulations

They didn't know where to put me b/c the supervisor hadn't arrived yet, so they sent me to human resources, which sent me to the director of environment something. and so as we were walking down the hall he was like "your job will consist of some policing, wiping the dust off the ledges (with a demonstration as he wiped his hand along the ledges) and picking up any bits of trash. some people ask me if i'm dancing when i do this (twists his feet on the ground to get rid of those black scuff mark things) but i'm not. i want you to help police the first floor and look out for these scuff marks)." and then i was like thinking "is this a joke or what...." but yeah it was for real. he must have said the word policing at least 50 times today

and then i vacuumed the front carpets (my first time vacuuming anything, haha. i think i did a pretty good job) and the lobby and then went back. then he made this hispanic lady give me some windex, but then he was like oh wait, i want you to watch these videos first. so i watched these two SUPER BORING videos of people cleaning in a hospital. "your job is one of the most important at the hospital because the patient's first impression is their lasting impression" blahblah crap like that. housekeeping stuff. and then i finished (after having a bit of trouble switching the two videos b/c one had a sticker coming off. the vcr was really tricky. and i mean SERIOUSLY. like you had to turn it off, stick in the video halfway, THEN turn on the vcr and it would suck it in. i figured that out all by myself.) and i also looked at some of the cleaning lady's magazines. talking about moses martin and some other famous babies.

and then i went to go find the director of the evs. but i couldn't find him, which was what i was hoping for hehe. i went back to the front desk and then they found a supervisor who took me to med surg.

and there i sat for like an hour doing nothing but looking at the screens of people's heartbeats. are those ekgs? i think so...anyway the INCESSANT BEEPING. omg. it was like BEEP BEEP pause pause BEEP BEEP pause pause. THE ENTIRE TIME. anyhow. it was so. incredibly. boring.

but there was a cute young-looking doctor there hehe. not like patrick dempsey cute, but like edward norton cute. sadly, he looks to be about mid-20's - mid-30's. his name was christopher but all the nurses called him chris. and he came up and he was like "can i have one of those twisty things?" and i was like "huh?" and he was like "can i have one of those chrome-plated things, you know, that are in a curly swirl shape?" and this other old indian lady nurse started laughing and gave him a paper clip.

and then this other time he stood behind the computer screens so people couldn't see him and then stuck his arm between them and got this clear plastic thing that i could not identify but it was evidently not very important b/c he threw it on the floor. and the indian lady laughed again and picked it up. anyway, then i got to answer a couple of calls by the patients. and by answering, i mean, picking up the phone, finding out the iv was beeping, and telling the nurse for that room.

OH YEAH. and the charge nurse, carol, was SUPER GRUMPY. and sort of old. i hope she's not like that all the time...but after a while chris came around and starting joking with her about her pens and i think she lightened up. and then this old doctor (liennes or something) came and left. and chris was like "hey who was that doctor that just left?" and carol was like "i don't know let me check." and he was like "i think it was donald sutherland, right?" and carol was like no i'm pretty sure it was dr liennes. and he was like no it was definitely donald sutherland. and carol obvioiusly didn't know who donald sutherland was. and chris asked this other nice looking doctor who at first said it was dr. liennes but then he caught on. and carol was just confused. haha. and the copy machine kept jamming.

and then i eavesdropped on another asian-looking doctor. well it wasn't exactly eavesdropping, i just heard him since he was like 4 feet away from me talking into a phone. and he was talking so super fast and there was all this medical jargon and he was like ...yeah ok never mind i can't remember it anymore. but it was pretty impressive to me.

and then i stapled like 100 packets of one yellow paper, one white paper about pneumonia. with an electric stapler like the ones at school. joy. and then another jr. volunteer came up and helped me. and we talked a little bit and she warned me about the cafeteria food and recommended some stuff.

and then i went down around 12:30. and i ate a salad instead of the stuff she recommended b/c i felt like being healthy =) and i also did not eat the oreo parfait she recommended b/c it looked like 3 layers of heavy cream topped with cholesterol. although still delicious looking. oh yeah, and chris was there too. and he also ate a salad. but a heavier one, clearly, b/c it was more expensive. and then....i went off to NICU!

NICU was a bit more exciting than med. surg. they had me make charts for a while (like 15 charts i think) and then i ran out of this one paper so they had me go down to make more. and of course you are not going to use these numbers anyhow so i will write them here so i don't forget. 9094 to get into the copy room by west service elevators and 512 to get back into nicu. seriously, the west service elevators go to the EXACT same place as the west elevators, but they're ALWAYS faster. and then i stocked drawers with syringes. HEHE THE BABIES WERE SOOOOO CUTE <333 eeeeeeee. OMG THEY WERE SO FREAKING TINY!! SOOOOO TINY! it's unbelievable how tiny they are. have you heard that eyeballs don't grow? i heard some someplace. but when do they stop growing? b/c seriously, those things were SOOO TINY. i went to the same room under the pretenses of restocking drawers so i could look at this one super cute one. and there was this really young couple. the father looked between 17 and 21.

and then for a while, i sat an answered questions about my life from the nurses. who were looking at the mavs site on the internet and talking about the finals. and one of the nurses, eileen, found out she has the same birthday as dirk nowitzski, june 19. she was so thrilled. and linda is the funny black one. and cathy is the sort of ditzy but super sweet one. and ann is the one with the scottish accent. at least i think it's scottish, i can't really tell between all those accents. and crap, i forgot the name of the one who was actually assigning me jobs.

yeah and then i went down again to make copies. and i was holding them up to my face b/c the copies were warm and this other junior volunteer came in. haha that was sort of awkward but then he left.

and then i went to get on the elevator. and guess who just got in a service elevator. chris. and the door was already closing and he didn't like try to keep it open or anything so i didn't try to squeeze in. instead, i just pressed the up button again and, to my horror, the same one opened -_- so i just got in. and he had like this oxygen tank or something. luckily i was on the second floor so i got off pretty quickly. and then i spent a while doing the dallas morning news sudoku. which i failed at. -_- it was only a 3/5 stars. oh well. and the nurses were gossiping and cathy now thinks i'm really smart and told everyone. and then somebody called and they were like "which one is less, .125 or .25?" and cathy was like "ask grace! she's so smart!" and they did and they were like should we put references for that? grace!!" -___- and then eileen started talking about her college-age sons and their girlfriends. so we got a few laughs and stories there.

hmm this is getting to be a rather long post so... but then again, why not?

hehe ok so andrew's girlfriend is kelly, and one day he called eileen and he was like "mom!! what am i supposed to do? kelly is all crying and messed up and talking about breaking up!" and she was like "just let her relax, give her some time" and he's like "ok i'll call you back"

and then like 4 days later, after much worrying on eileen's part, he calls her back and everything seems fine. and they didn't mention the breakup. and eileen was reaally worried b/c that entire day she had seen commericals for the breakup, the movie. and finally she called him back and was like "so how about the breakup?" and he was like "uh mom, eileen's here standing next to me and you're on speakerphone" and eileen just about died. anyhow, andrew and kelly are still an item and like always together. but definitely not sexually active, which eileen is very grateful for.

and then the other boy, ben, has a girlfriend named stephanie, who is clearly very bad for him. eileen says she is SUPER CLINGY and they are like pretzels on the couch. like all twisted up and everything. ew. and his friends tried to stage an intervention. like they were like PUT YOUR HAND ON THE TABLE. and ben was like uhhh ok. and then they took a 7 inch knife and STABBED the table and yelled "SHE'S BLEEDING YOU!!" but every time he wants to leave her, she starts crying. and apparently she makes EVERYTHING into a crisis. total drama queen type.

ok enough about eileen's sons. haha. you probably are not the least bit interested. unless you don't have a life. haha like me.

and then after a while we started working on the commuter crossword puzzle together. until like 5:25 and i finally left. basically, the nicu was a bit of paperwork and a lot of sitting around, gossiping, and eating candy. those nurses were so nice!

and then i had left my stuff in the director of evs's room and he had left! so it was locked. and then i wandered around looking somewhat lost. and this nice lady asked me if i needed help and i explained it. and she was like follow me and then we went into an AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY place and she called security to come open the door. and while i was waiting, i looked at the wall. and guess what was on it? AN OR BOARD!! hahhahahah and she was like "so this is the O.R." and i was like haha yeah i figured. yeap. it was much less exciting than grey's anatomy. and much fewer people. but i think they had like different o.r. sections and i was in one of many. and then i went and got my bag.

and then i decided to go out the side door and then i saw a baby bunny. awwww it was so cute. and when i walked closer it didn't run away! and then i talked to it a little while and then just looked at it. and then somebody else comes out of the side door. three guesses who it was, and the first two don't count. yep. and then he's like "i put some lettuce out for it last week. they're so tame." and something else like that. and then he goes off and then i look at the rabbit some more. it was really super cute. and definitely a baby. and then i saw chris coming back b/c apparently he only went to go get something from his car so i went around and went in again through the front entrance haha. and then i knitted a little until my mom came.

sadly, i did not see ANY cute jr. volunteers. =(

and then we went to ensemble, where we had chair tests. whoohoo. but it went all right.

and tomorrow i'm at kd again! i hope andrew doesn't make me pick up the phone again, that was mortifying T-T

oh yeah, and then my mom saw the gap socks i bought. b/c i purposely walked to the kitchen right at that same time and handed her the gap bag to put in the bag cabinet under the sick. and she was like when/what did you buy and i showed her. and she was like wow only 97 cents? why didn't you buy more? and i was like no money. and then like 5 minutes later she came and gave me another 25$ giftcard. hehe. master of manipulation!!


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holy crap long post XD

more stuff happened to you in one day than i get in a week )= or maybe my memory's just fuzzy

either way, be grateful there are lots of events in your day (=

at least you're not watching an MIT video from before i was born on how to handle animals (they do it incorrectly -__-)

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Blogger y said...

oh by the way grace it's funny how all your blog post titles are in caps. as opposed to sunshine's. i mean, it's only funny BECAUSE i consider it as opposed to sunshine's. it's like you reek of more enthusiasm. =D

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