Monday, June 05, 2006

my knees hurt

and explain the name of the blog to me someday. it's confusing me.

so last night it was really warm. as texas summer nights generally are. I woke up at 3.27 (hooray) and couldn't fall asleep again. so I turned on my new fan. actually the fan I took from my brother. he had two fans. they were both new. he gave me the smaller one. he obviously is not that person who divided up the pears. kong zi. I think that was his name. now why couldn't I have had a brother like that. okay I guess I should be thankful he gave me a fan at all. back to my story. so I turned on the fan. and I fell asleep. I didn't turn off the fan. I didn't have a blanket. so I woke up with a chilled knee.

the dart train is ridiculously cold. as is the mustang express. but the lab is really warm. goody.

I was really sleepy today. but I do not regret our day of fun. I love stupid. and find a friend. we can play to ace at txfs. that was fun. and we can pull an all-nighter! b/c we'll be seniors and there won't be the pesky historiography or bridge or anything. ah, how horrible february was.

so when I went on my lunch break, which isn't really a lunch break, it was basically me telling kathy I was going to get lunch and she was like "what? okay, sure, yeahyeahyeah," I opted for a nap instead of food.

otherwise, it's pretty boring there. so many things have to be left alone for an hour. I washed a lot of lab equpiment. that lab smells so horrible. I hate e. coli. I read about six chapters of against all odds.

the train was super crowded on the way home. I finally got a seat by some middle-aged woman and we were sitting in front of a man and a woman.
man: so yesterday I was digging through my parents' stuff and I found their wedding pictures. they'd never showed them to me before.
woman: I bet they were beautiful.
man: they were married in june.
woman: that's a lovely month for a wedding.
man: I was born in may.
woman: with all the flowers blooming.
man: in the same year.
woman: ...
man: they preached to me my entire life about the dangers of sex before marriage, and they had a kid before they were married.
woman: it's amazing the things parents will keep from their children.
man: it's amazing the things children will keep from their parents.
middle-aged woman: you got that right. my parents didn't know I was pregnant until the baby popped out.
me: how did you manage that?
middle-aged woman: I ran away from home.
me: oh.
middle-aged woman: are you pregnant?
me: ...
middle-aged woman: oh, you are! those women at planned parenthood are very nice. very confidential. they're great.
me: thanks. this is my stop. bye.
middle-aged woman: it's nothing to be ashamed of, dear!

it's a good thing I get off at galatyn instead of parker.


Blogger Chuan said...

there's a meaning behind it? the old one was just a snippet from a backstreet boys song (wtf), never thought beyond that =|

oh oh oh, i found this really simple way to beat the heat... keep the fan on! not a little shrimpy one, the one that comes with your house's air conditioning... it's not very energy-intensive (or at least i've heard it's not), and it seems to help quite a bit. works for me (=

bleh for dart, carpooling is... marginally faster/cheaper -__-

that woman is my hero (=

"man: it's amazing the things children will keep from their parents." come to think of it, so is that man =D

10:16 PM  
Blogger y said...


10:51 AM  
Blogger y said...

ok i googled it it's from catcher in the rye isn't it? the title? i dunno

11:49 AM  
Blogger Grace said...



catcher in the rye, silly

last night i woke up sometime between 3 and 4 also. can't remember when, but it was because it was too hot and my mouth was dry. that had happened before, though, so before i went to bed i wisely put a water bottle on my desk. and when i woke up in the middle of the night, i drank like half of it. and immediately went back to sleep.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

yeah yeah yini got it haha i didn't see the comment

2:54 PM  
Blogger y said...


although it has been a v long time since i have read that book and practically do not remember anything but the scene where he runs away from school and trips on peanut shells


5:15 PM  

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