Wednesday, June 07, 2006


that's the sound in movies when someone's holding up a knife, ready to plunge into some soft fleshy victim.

crap...i forgot what this post was supposed to be about.

so was that old lady one of those creepy evangelists?

ugh rebecca is sooooo freaking long. and wordy.

i got a time magazine today >=) hehe it was delivered to our house instead of 3309 Sailmaker. but i think i'll take it back, since i've already read most of it.

would anybody like to donate a little money to habitat for humanity so we can actually build next year? (we have to get in a contribution early, or else they won't invite us for the builds. and h4h looks good on college applications, or so i've heard.

ok seriously, there was going to be a real point to this post, but i forgot it.

my mom rearended a bmw yesterday, they want like over 1000 in damages. and then today my brother backed into somebody else's car. and my mom was maaaajorly pissed off. SO what does this make me? THE ONLY PERSON IN THE FAMILY WHO HASN'T HAD ANY CAR ACCIDENTS EVER. and who has not touched the wheel longer than anyone else in the family? ME. the last time i drove was like, day of fun. seriously.

anyhow. things are busying up this week. concert sometime on sunday, don't know when. i'll probably be back in plano by 7 at the latest...i hope it's the morning concert though. ok i found out it's at 1. might take two hours, then two hours back?

hmm. my family pisses me off sometimes. and by sometimes, i mean a lot of times.


Blogger Chuan said...

keep up the record, grace (=

i'll bet THAT Looks good on your college application =D

as for h4h... bah the one thing we have that's fairly established at unt that i should be going to but i'm not =|

that and anime club XD

8:19 AM  
Blogger y said...


That thing is incredibly funnn

10:06 AM  
Blogger y said...

oh by the way are we supposed to be getting student congress info or something because i haven't gotten any

10:07 AM  

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