Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Don't try to tell me that brill's not gonna happen. I'm gonna make it happen.

Anyway, I had a genius idea which I'm sure other individuals have had too, but still. I could be a SET card for Halloween.

Although...I did just find my Harry Potter glasses. I thought they had been lost forever, but they were actually wedged in between Prisoner of Azkaban and the side of the shelf. Huzzah!

I have way too many boxes, and I've decided that I want to fill up some large cases of luggage before boxing up all my clothes. Unfortunately, I've already done the latter =( Everything fits so perfectly too! Now I'll have to undo all that work. Oh well, maybe the seventy dollars I'll save on shipping might be worth it.

I hope to find a really cute rug when I get to Boston. Less than a week!!

I am really reconsidering taking the bio and physics ASEs...maybe it'll be better just to take the basic courseload. I don't want to overwhelm myself in the first semester! In other words, I'm too lazy to have studied yet.

Things I want:
a ulexite keychain
I thought of two things earlier today, but I've forgotten them.


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