Saturday, August 18, 2007

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o hai i made you a lolcat

So I finally managed to start cleaning my room (sans lachrymal gushing! thunderous applause). Now it looks somewhere between a war zone and a tornado-ravished office supply store. It turns out most of those boxes I shamelessly nicked from Karen Dillard's will be put to some other use - I've succeeded in transferring their contents to suitcases. Soooo...I'm taking some of my belongings with me as checked baggage, and my parents are bringing the rest when they go up. Still, I'm shipping 3 boxes of books (Surprise: I'm taking 11 non-academic books with me and 9 of them are written by a certain JKR), notebooks, paper, and cds by the USPS media rate. Then, if my room is too small, my parents will bring back some of my clothes. =(

I can't believe I am leaving this place for more than three months in just a couple of days!! I feel like I should be more excited, but this whole cleaning thing is getting me down. If only I'd done it last week and could spend my last days playing. Or if only my mother didn't insist that, in addition to packing up what I'll need, I also get rid of all traces of myself in my room in order to prepare it for the habitation of my hated sibling.

Now, if you please, you can amuse yourself with the following:
LOL 1 Lolcats and editorial fashion, together at last.
LOL 2 USNews and hokum, together as always.

/*EDIT OMG I FINALLY BY A LUCKY ACCIDENT DISCOVERED A WAY TO GET RID OF "CONTINUE READING..." AT THE END OF MY POSTS AWESOME BLOSSOM!!!!!! I'd forgotten to add the /span to the end of the html and it didn't show up. This serendipitous occurrence merits a Monty Burns "Exxxxcellent" replete with sinister skeleton fingers and shifty eyes. VICTORY!! Now to go back through my last couple of entries and fix it. TEDIOUS. Anyway, obviously there's more to read.*/

I just did the Big Sis/Lil Sis questionnaire for McCormick - I just hope they won't think I'm as banal as I sound on paper.

"In 100 words or less, please give a blurb to introduce yourself to your big sis:
I am: a packrat, a Potter fan, a procrastinator. I wish I were: fierce, fashionable and funny. I like: alliteration, lists, sleeping, Goldfish Guilty pleasures: dark chocolate, Veronica Mars, America's Next Top Model, Facebook, Draco/Hermione, Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes Slightly scared of: birds and fish

**Help us please!**
In order to give you the best first year at MIT, we are planning several events for you and your big sis.
Please give us suggestions of what you would like to do with your big sis:
Go see a movie, have a pajama party with others"

I also wish I were: more consistent with my punctuation and somehow able to stay inhumanly energetic at 4:00 am.

All right, I could try to squeeze out a witty paragraph about how lame epicanthic fold surgery is even though I secretly wish I had a fold on my right eye (to match the left) or the current state of affairs between America and the rest of the world, but I am feeling a general malaise and digestive discomfort right now, most likely due to the combination of
1) sleeping in too late
2) eating nothing but 2 Chipotle BBQ Wraps, broccoli and ranch, half a can of Neo Neo Pearls (what's happening to me? I used to love those things), and a couple of these really squishy small sweet potato things, also from Asia World Market, (read: nothing healthy) and
3) cleaning, my worst enemy.

Honestly, I don't think it's so much cleaning as having to go through everything in my overfilled room. In fact, I plan to have a steady supply of Clorox wipes and Febreze, as well as a Swiffer sweeper in my "coffin" at McCormick.

In other news, Dooby got almost all his fur shaved off because of the matted tangles, except a little on the top of his head and at the end of his tail. POOR BABY he seems so timid now. At first, he was even scared to jump on and off the couch. omgggg I'm going to miss him so much. I'll try to post a picture of his nekkid state. He's still cute to me and always will be.


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