Monday, July 30, 2007

China, Super Condensed

I am ridiculously jealous of Grace's gift for being able to make anything sound exciting and interesting. Anyway, my China trip was not nearly as eventful (thank goodness).

First went to Kunming, which is up in some mountains that I don't know the name of, and played around for a week and a half. I went to China with the preconceived notion that all the girls would be superwhite because of all those whitening cream ads (and the superwhite girls) I saw the last time I was there, but apparently the same does not hold true for mountain cities. The people there were, to put it bluntly, butt ugly. I was v. amazed. And the girls there don't wear camis, I guess, because I wore one out one day and I got so many incredulous stares. Or maybe it was because I was a head taller than pretty much every other girl on the street. Kunming has some pretty awesome mushrooms. Yum.

Then I went to Nanjing, which was ridiculously hot. I stayed inside with the AC and my grandparents most of the time. Went to all the usual shopping places, but after four trips to China I think I've finally gotten over the allure of the cute but useless pieces of random crap they sell on the streets. Yay! Ate way too much and definitely peed in too many hole-in-the-grounds.

Finally, spent my last day in Shanghai with Jack as my guide. Got to play gawky tourist, which was fun. The heat was also ungodly. Stayed with his aunt and uncle in their supernice house. Then flew back to Dallas! YAY HOME.


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