Friday, July 13, 2007

more on why i'm going to hell

Well one thing I learned is that tuna fish are actually really enormous. Not like megalodon enormous, but I had always imagined them to be roughly salmon-sized fish. Not so! One of the Japanese game shows had these two guys who had to eat an entire tuna, and it was a rather small tuna, about the size of an 8-year-old Dudley Dursley I'd say. Then I found out that they can grow to 2-4 meters long.

In other news, Taiwan is so omg cheap. Like I said with the HP voodoobaby, you can find about anything for $100 NT when on sale($3 here), so I bought a bunch of $3 t-shirts, tanks, and camis. How am I going to buy anything in the U.S. ever again? Bubble tea is also really cheap, like 60 cents for a cup that would cost upwards of $3 here. They also have Dunkin Donuts here, and the donuts are soooo much cuter - they have little flower shapes with the hole still in the middle - and much chewier in a good way (what they call QQ - just say the letters).

At the Miramar movie theater, they practically have a museum exhibit for all the new movies. The exhibit for Secret (Jay Chou's new partially autobiographical, or so I've heard, movie) even had one of those pianos that is programmed to play by itself with the keys moving up and down. Of course every exhibit has a screen that plays a trailer of the film. I'd say about three-quarters of the movies were American, and the rest were evenly split between AZN and foreign movies. The popcorn also comes in "sweet" (basically, lightly caramel covered) and "salty," what we're used to here. Medium is a giant bucket, and they all have clear plastic tops for the Flavorshake.

You know how at Starbucks they have those dispensers with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, etc.? Flavorshake is a couple of those dispensers with stuff like chocolate, seaweed, cheese, and other stuff I can't remember. You shake it on the popcorn, close the top, and shake the bucket. Oh, and some of the escalator railings have Ratatouille coverings on them, pictures of which I'll probably put on Facebook since nobody reads this and I want to share it with the world.

And now for the part in which I am a terrible, terrible person...and possibly the worst sister in the world. I swear I would never do it to anyone but my brother though, and he deserves it because he's the spawn of Satan!!

Basically one day he left his gmail open and gave me permission to use MY OWN COMPUTER for 30 minutes before he had to chat with his little girlfriend. So he was pretty much asking for it. >=) I read through their correspondence and tried to not laugh my head off. Disgustingly sappy, but here is a choice selection from my brother:

"hmm. tempted to put a psychoanalysis in here (to return the favor for that very very goofy-grin-inducing psychoanalysis... which we should abreviate to psycho-anal from now on xD), but i'll save it for after a confession =D"

LOLLERSKATES. Psycho-anal!


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