Sunday, July 03, 2005


stands for war of the worlds! it wasn't that great. i hope batman begins is better.

i want to see howl's moving castle!

when am i going to give susie her ae lotion?

how come you are like my only friend

i love my daddy, he is so nice to me. except i hate it when he tells me to stand up straight. but that's the only time i don't like him.

i think he might give me a wallet. he has worked at the same company for 15 years, so they're giving him something out of this big list of things. and i said i liked the d&b wallet. but there were watches too, but i like the fossil one better. and i am planning on spending a lot of him money tomorrow. ok 250 for the ipod, 25 for the iskin, 55 for the watch (+maybe s/h cost or tax), and $15 for gap shorts and lots of money at express.

OH I FEEL SO GUILTY. T-T =((((((((((( but i, being the materialistic pathetic willpower-lacking me, really want these things!!

i think i have grown much more materialistic after meeting you


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