Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Close Encounter with...random dude

This afternoon, I took a shower, put on jeans and a duck week t-shirt, and went to the bus stop at 4:15 to catch the bus so I could go to my job. As I was walking towards the actual sign that says T on it, the number one bus passed me! WTF =( I ran for like 10 seconds to try to catch it but gave up, walking the 20 steps back to the covered bus stop place.

I noticed this random dude who looked between 17-21 years old sitting on the left-side bench, so I went and sat on the right-side bench and started flipping through a newspaper left there. Suddenly, he stood up so I stood up too, thinking that this was my lucky day and 2 buses came right in a row. Instead, he walked over to me and started talking. What follows is our conversation, as closely transcribed as I can remember.

Him: When did the last bus come?
Me: Oh, about 3 minutes ago. It passed by me - I guess the driver didn't see me.
Him: So it comes like what, every 15 minutes?
Me: Yeah (looks at watch), the next one should be here in 5-10 minutes.
Him: Cool, that's not too long of a wait.
Me: (Nods agreement)
Him: Where are you from?
Me: I'm from Texas.
Him: Oh, Texas! Have you seen snow?
Me: Yeah, it snows maybe one or two days a year where I live.
Him: Oh I see. It starts snowing a lot here in December, but right now the weather's nice for October.
Me: Yeah, I'm sort of surprised. I thought I'd have to wear long-sleeved shirts by now. (Sits back down)
Him: So what grade are you in?
Me: (Thinks this is pretty normal small talk. plus the guy is not bad-looking) I'm a freshman.
Him: Ohh. You don't have the big freshman backpack.
Me: (Looks slightly quizzical)
Him: When I was a freshman, I had a huge backpack with all my books in it. When people saw me, they'd be like, "Are you a freshman?" and I'd be like, "How did you know?"
Me: (Starting to assume he's a sophomore or junior, also feeling slightly awkward because I'm sitting and he's standing, but not wanting to stand up) Ohhh yeah. No, I'm actually on my way to work, so I don't need all my books with me.
Him: Oh really? Do you have like an internship?
Me: No, I'm a tutor for ReachOut - you know, teaching little kids to read.
Him: Oh cool, where is that?
Me: It's at the Cambridge Community Center.
Him: Ah I see. I'm looking for an internship. My older brother (I'm thinking: cool, his older brother is at MIT too, that's nice) has sort of the job I really want.
Me: Ohh.
Him: So have you been to Hahvahd Square?
Me: Yeah, I've been there.
Him: It's nice, I used to work at a place called The Tempest there.
Me: (Hasn't heard of The Tempest) Oh, cool. I go to Harvard Square sometimes because I have some friends that go to Harvard.
Him: Want to go there sometime?
Me: (WHAT????????????) Uhhh...
Him: Maybe I could just call you up sometime and we could go.
Me: (Looks to the left, desperately hoping to see the number one bus arriving.) Uhh...Well...I have a lot of tests coming up (lie) and I'm pretty stressed out (lie), so I don't think I'll have time (not with you, at least).
Him: Oh. How about I'll leave you my number and you can call me when you feel like going?
Me: (Slightly relieved, pulls out cell phone) Oh okay.
Him: 617. 909. 93. 59.
Me: (Recognizes 617 vaguely) Oh, so are you from around here?
Him: Yeah, I'm from Boston.
Me: Ah. (still holding phone)
Him: My name's Jason.
Me: Okay. (starts typing it in)
Him: So call me when you want to go to Hahvahd Square! (Walks away)
Me: (????wtf????)

Now that I think about it...he definitely asked about the bus like he didn't know for sure it came every 15 minutes, so I didn't think that he was a Boston native. Then, when he said "Hahvahd," I was like "aw cute" but still didn't make the connection. I pretty much thought he was just a friendly upperclassman until he said he was from here. When he left, I was like...dang, I don't even know if he goes here or if he was randomly waiting by the MIT bus stop. Sorta sketchy, waiting at the bus stop and then walking away before the bus gets here. Even sketchier, telling a stranger his name and number after like 5 minutes of conversation. WEIRD


Blogger Chuan said...

too pro, grace...

far too pro O_O

2:36 AM  
Blogger Dustice said...

Wait, wait, I've heard of this before - I believe it was called "hitting on girls"?

Correct action now? Call him back ^^b

2:36 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

random sketchy dude who acted like he goes to mit but probably doesn't? no thanks

3:48 AM  
Blogger y said...

hehe :)

9:42 PM  

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