Tuesday, January 01, 2008

bob loblaw

so this break has been somewhat productive in terms of...finishing all of arrested development, which is as hilarious as the office but with more subtlety.

and reading 2.5 books. and meeting up with a few people, but not as many as i would have liked. and buying stuff. yeah that's about it. BUT IT'S A NEW YEAR!! i resolve to get back to the 110-111 range. i thought about schoolwork-related crap or procrastinating less, but that kind of stuff would probably be too ambitious.

in other news, i discovered hellokittyhell and it's pretty amusing.


Blogger Dustice said...

wah, I miss Arrested Development... can't believe they canceled it T__T

I miss the Office now too since the WGA strike. sigh.

2:32 PM  
Blogger y said...

whoa... so I'm really bad at linking together my current events.

the office hasn't been showing because of the writers' strike? that explains a LOT.


2:22 PM  

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