Sunday, December 23, 2007


so less than an hour after i got back, i went to visit jasper and plano

jasper was fine, i got to see mrs. booth, mr. stanton (<33333), and mrs. fischer. i looked for mrs. walker too but she was gone! i found out that she's actually at plano now! and i was like yay that's where i'm gone. mme gould is really gone though =( omg those halls were so congested i forgot what it was like.

then i went to plano. HAAAATE PLANO ADMIN!!!! where i visited mrs. stanton. then my mom called me telling me to wait to pick up my brother, and damn mr. davis saw me on the phone. i was like oh shit and told him i wasn't a student there, which is true. then he was like "where's your visitor's badge?" dammit!!! so i had to go to the office to get a visitor's badge. when i got there, the receptionist was like which teacher are you here to see? WTF? i had to make an appointment? why are there so many fucking rules now??? i was like uhh mrs. stanton and she was like "you're not on the list. what's your name?" "grace." "nope, not on here. i can't let you in." at which point i started crying again because it was turning into a terrible first day back home - first the delay, then dooby, then something i probably should never publish/put in writing ever because it's sort of incriminating, then this. luckily, ms. smith (my mock trial coach) happened to be there in the office and she was like "grace yao??" and she saved me because the receptionist was just like..."here you deal with her." so i told her about dooby and she felt bad and let me go. i visited a bunch of other teachers and everyone was happy to see me except the stupid plano administrators!! hate hate hate.


Blogger Dustice said...

Ouch... rough. Anyone can see you cared a lot about dooby =(

We'll, here's wishing for the rest of your holidays to be happy.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Chuan said...


Cheer up, Grace

(oh gawd, I bet you're tired of hearing that by now)

They've always had those rules... we just had to be tricky about working around them -__-

1:36 AM  
Blogger y said...

I'm never visiting plano again until I'm old and senile and revisiting the past is something I look forward to

9:33 PM  

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