Thursday, May 15, 2008


rnx (3:23:17 AM):gracie graceeee
rnx (3:23:25 AM):get out of this placeee
rnx (3:23:33 AM):or get some maceee
rnx (3:23:41 AM):hope you get that aceee
g-unit (3:23:44 AM):haha
rnx (3:23:58 AM):you can win the racee
g-unit (3:24:13 AM):do ones that end with -ase not count
g-unit (3:26:08 AM):yeah....i guess base/case/vase are imposters
rnx (3:26:33 AM):no they dont count
rnx (3:26:37 AM):they're only half rhymes
g-unit (3:26:45 AM):if you were rapping though i'm sure nobody would care
g-unit (3:26:50 AM):you could even do baste
g-unit (3:26:51 AM):or taste
rnx (3:27:14 AM):you taste like you've just been baste-----ed
g-unit (3:27:21 AM):haha ew
rnx (3:27:24 AM):but you're still chaste
rnx (3:27:35 AM):and full of haste
rnx (3:27:43 AM):in a case
g-unit (3:28:27 AM):that's no waste
rnx (3:28:52 AM):haha good one
g-unit (3:32:02 AM):umm
g-unit (3:32:05 AM):tie your shoelace
g-unit (3:32:09 AM):at first base
g-unit (3:32:59 AM):don't drop the vase
rnx (3:33:11 AM):wow you'd make a good rapper
g-unit (3:33:41 AM):that's why they call me g-unit
g-unit (3:33:59 AM):it's a good fit
g-unit (3:34:54 AM):when you're in the pit...s
g-unit (3:34:58 AM):i'll give you a hit
g-unit (3:35:29 AM):of a rapper's lit crit
g-unit (3:36:44 AM):you'll wish you had my wit
g-unit (3:36:49 AM):yeah that's how we do
g-unit (3:37:26 AM):actually that was sort of taxing
rnx (3:37:54 AM):but now you relaxin
rnx (3:38:01 AM):chillaxin
rnx (3:38:02 AM):maxin
rnx (3:38:14 AM):super smackin
g-unit (3:39:25 AM):no snackin
g-unit (3:39:32 AM):word packin
rnx (3:39:35 AM):whip crackin
g-unit (3:39:40 AM):ooh good one
rnx (3:39:44 AM):it's time to hustle
rnx (3:39:51 AM):wit all yo muscle
rnx (3:39:59 AM):no tumble and bustle
g-unit (3:40:47 AM):move those corpuscles


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